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We specialize in the international transportation
of cargoes by cars that meet European environmental
standards EURO-5 - EURO-6, as well as truck service.


30th anniversary of leadership

March 25, 1992 - the Ukrainian enterprise "KTS" LLC was registered. Over the years the company has become an integral part of Ukraine's economic potential, as international trucking has always been and remains an extremely important segment of the Ukrainian economy, and today provides humanitarian aid and peace.

For 30 years K-T-S LTD is one of the most powerful companies in Rivne region, the leader in the field of international transportation of Ukraine. The geography of transportation provided by the company is extremely wide. In fact, there is no country in the European Union that is not crossed by road trains of this company. Thanks to a highly professional and cohesive team K-T-S LTD has reached a truly European level and has won respect and an impeccable reputation in Ukraine and far beyond. K-T-S LTD took the first steps with the support of Viktor Chaika, a man who devoted all his efforts to the development and prosperity of Ukraine and the city Rivne. The company became the first private company in Ukraine to start international trucking, as previously only state-owned enterprises were involved.

A significant impetus for the development of the company was the establishment in 1994 of contacts with the world-famous company "RENAULT" and the conclusion of a lease agreement for the supply of heavy vehicles of this brand. After that they bought the first 5 RENAULT cars. In 1995, 10 such cars were taken, and in 1996 - 20. Thus, the company embarked on a path of active development and quickly began to enter the European market. Today, the fleet of K-T-S LTD includes more than 120 heavy-duty RENAULT and MAN trucks.

On the basis of the enterprise since 1997 the first in Ukraine service center, service of trucks and semi-trailers works. He repairs and maintains all types of trucks. Its staff went through a vocational school in the training centers of European companies. Due to this, the company always has a large selection of original spare parts and lubricants that come directly from the manufacturer. Truckers and their colleagues from all over Ukraine buy auto parts in a specialized store of the company.

The whole technological process and the organization of international transportation are performed entirely on their own. These are preparing of the tasks and approbation of routes, search and formation of customer base. Today, hundreds of customers from Ukraine and all Western European countries cooperate with K-T-S LTD. As the requirements for the technical condition of vehicles and compliance with legal norms are extremely high on European roads, the company tries to cover as much as possible the technological maintenance and repair of rolling stock at its base.


128 road trains run daily on international routes. In the terms specified by customers, we will transport low-capacity, full and dangerous cargoes to the countries of Eastern and Western Europe and in the reverse direction, we carry out transportation across Ukraine. Our cars meet the European environmental standards EURO-5 - EURO-6.

KTS specializes in maintenance and repair of all types of trucks. We carry out repair and technological maintenance of trucks.

Repair and maintenance of semi-trailers of all models of imported production: "KRONE", "KOGEL", "SCHMITZ", "WELTON", "SCHWARZMÜLLER".

The spare parts sales department sells original spare parts and components for trucks and semi-trailers, sells trucks and road trains. Delivery of spare parts under the order is possible. The spare parts available in the warehouse are presented on a separate website. The list is formed in real time from the data of the warehouse program.

Cargo transportation

What we use:

Renault Premium

Renault Premium - 54


Renault Magnum - 3

Renault EURO-6

Renault T-Range - 39


MAN - 31

Europe - South direction

Phone. + (380362) 653852, 653754

Europe - Central direction

Phone. + (380362) 653902

Since 1990 - experience in international cargo transportation and forwarding.
K-T-S LTD is the founder and real member of AsMAP of Ukraine №10016.
Every day on international routes more than 128 road trains including:

  • 96 RENAULT - truck unit consisting of:
  • 31 MAN truck unit TGX
  • 1 DAF truck with road tanker
  • Semitrailers with a volume of 92 m3

Rolling stock service

Phone: + 38 050 375-11-13, +(380362) 62-05-46, 65-37-86

Service M-1; Service M-2

Engine (10W30, 10W40, 15W40), gearbox (75W80), rear axle (75W90)

Repair of fuel and pneumatic systems

Replacement of injector cups, power steering repair, APM repair, Repair of pneumatic systems of tractor and trailer. EBS electronic unit programming, replacement of car crane and trailer repair kits

Repair of checkpoint and automatic transmission

Repair of ZF checkpoint and automatic checkpoints Optidriver, Optidriver +

ADBLUE system repair

Replacement of the Ad Blue pump, repair kit, electronic unit, nozzle replacement, NOx sensor.

Computer diagnostics

DIAG NG10, Infomax, WABCO

Repair of electrical wiring of the tractor and semi-trailer

Replacement headlights, wiring of engine injectors, replacement of the wiring of the semi-trailer

Chassis repair

Replacement of bolts, restoration and alignment of axles, replacement of brake pads, pads, restoration of brake shafts, maintenance of trailers and semi-trailers, replacement of spring bushings

Repair and maintenance of air conditioners, autonomous heaters

Refueling of air conditioners, repair of tubes, replacement of dehumidifier, compressor, air conditioner radiator. Repair of WEBASTO autonomous heaters.

Calibration of digital and analog tachographs

Issuance of a calibration certificate

Сamber-convergence of the wheels

Checking and adjusting the angles of camber-convergence of the wheels on the laser equipment, replacement of the pivot fingers.


Carrying out, straightening and painting works of the vehicle, Repair of windshield and its replacement, restoration and replacement of vehicle units, Welding works.

Contactless car washes

Contactless car washes with car care products

Sale of spare parts


Phone: +(38050) 435-36-86; +(380362) 62-05-46

We offer spare parts for trucks Volvo, Renault, DAF, MAN, Scania, Mercedes and also for semi-trailers with axles SAF, BPW, Walton, Schmitz

The company sells both original spare parts and analogs of spare parts.
A wide range of staff and flexible pricing policy allows you to solve your problems in the shortest possible time.
Spare parts that are not in our warehouse are delivered mainly within one day.
Spare parts that are not in stock in Ukraine are delivered within 14 calendar days.

See availability and price: https://www.reno.rv.ua

  • professional selection of spare parts
  • wide range
  • production quality
  • reasonable prices
  • discounts for carriers, service stations and shops
  • delivery from a warehouse in Rivne, or by carriers: SAT, Nova Poshta


K-T-S LTD is the first official dealer service center of Renault Trucks in Ukraine. The company sells both original spare parts and analogs of spare parts. A wide range of staff and flexible pricing policy allows you to solve your problems in the shortest possible time. Spare parts that are not in stock are delivered mainly within one day.


K-T-S LTD is an official dealer a company with a world name Total Energies from september 2022. Total Energies as international company is in the top four the largest oil and gas companies in the world. Created in 1924 in France today the company Total Energies is present on the markets of as many as 150 countries.

The entire range of lubricants for automotive equipmen now is available in our warehouse and to order.

K-T-S LTD is a partner of the Opoltrans - largest suppliers of spare parts.

www.pulawy.com , noxy.eu

Since 2010 K-T-S LTD is an official partner of the Polish chemical plant Zaklad Azotowe Pulawy SA.

We offer an additive to AdBlue catalysts on the Euro 5,6 car at the most attractive price.


Contact us - we are happy to work with you

room 33027, Kyivska, 64-a, Rivne, Ukraine

phone_in_talk +38 050 371-19-99 - transportation (southern Europe)

phone_in_talk +38 050 375-04-99 - transportation (center / west of Europe)

phone_in_talk +38 050 339 40 29 - accounting

phone_in_talk +38 050 375 11 13 - Service: Sale parts Division

phone_in_talk +38 0362 642710 - reception

+38 0362 625650 - fax


Write to us

Vacancies in K-T-S LTD

Vacancy Unit Contact phones Remark
1 Truck drivers automotive division (0362) 62-56-53, 050-339-37-90, 050-375-03-04 Make professional training
2 Locksmith for car repair Service center (0362) 62-56-53, 050-375-11-24, 050-734-38-85 Make professional training


Managers of the south direction. Phone: + (380362) 653852, 653754        

Position Name Email, Skype ... Phone
Head of Transport Department

Khomiak Serhii


+(38050) 371-19-99
Import Manager

Katerynchyk Roman


+(38050) 339-39-55
Export Manager

Danyliuk Vadym


+(38050) 339-40-00
Transport Manager

Vladyslav Senynets


+(38050) 375-02-00

Managers of the Central direction Phone: + (380362) 653902        

Position Name Email, Skype ... Phone
Head of Department

Perets Vasyl


+(38050) 375-04-99
Export Manager

Khomiak Vitalii


+(38050) 435-30-11
Import Manager

Pasechnyk Larysa


+(38050) 375-34-02
Transport Manager

Chuiko Nazarii


+(38050) 339-42-24

Transportation across UkrainePhone: +(380362) 62-33-70        

Position Name Email, Skype ... Phone

Khomiak Vitalii


+(38050) 435-30-11

Service center managersPhone: +(380362) 62-05-46, 65-37-86        

Position Name Email, Skype ... Phone
of the service center

Heleta Vitalii

+(38050) 339-38-02
Senior master
of the service center

Volodymyr Berezovskyi

+(38050) 375-09-03

Kovalchuk Roman

+(38050) 375-11-13

Shylovky Olexandr

+(38050) 375-11-13


Sale of auto partsPhone: +(380362) 62-05-46, 65-37-86        

Position Name Email, Skype ... Phone
Head of Department

Stanislavchuk Serhii


+(38050) 435-36-86
+(38067) 943-73-27

Stanislavchuk Andrii


+(38095) 141-28-66

Tymeichuk Oleksandr


+(38050) 375-68-98


  Vacancy Unit Contact phones Remark
1 Truck drivers automotive division (0362) 62-56-53,
Make professional training
2 Locksmith for car repair Service center (0362) 62-56-53,
Make professional training